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Surf Story Project Hardcover Collector's Edition Book

Surf Story Project Hardcover Collector's Edition Book

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The book and exhibition features the largest collection of surf art and surf stories ever presented. 

The 440+ page hard-cover coffee table book contains more than 200 pieces of surf art, and over 150 surf stories from an incredible list of contributors, such as: Surfer/Artists: Jay Alders, Ken Auster, Chris Lundy, Sandow Birk, Michael Knowlton, Mike Doyle, Kevin Ancell, Robb Havassy, Meegan Feori, Shawn Griggs, Rick Rietveld, Russell Crotty, Ben Brough “33″, Céline Chat, CR Stecyk, Alex Weinstein, Chris Pederson, Spencer Reynolds, Alan Casagrande, Damian Fulton, Mike Losness, Shannon McIntyre, Vanessa Janss, Remi Bertoche, Frank Errickson, Gaston Locklear, Ned Evans, David Lloyd, John Severson, Patrick Parker, Drew Brophy, Wade Koniakowsky, Aubrey Falk, Kevin Short, Pete Tillack, Scott Szegeski, Charlie Clingman, Heather Brown, Steven Chew “Sli Dawg”, Matt Beard, Jesse Miller, Herbie Fletcher, Noia, Bill Ogden, Peter Thorne, Steve Bojoroquez, Peter Pierce, Ron Croci, Mike Lorenzini, Karim Rejeb. 

Plus Surf Story contributors:Robert and Sam August, Art Brewer, Tom Servais, Noah Johnson, Wingnut, Joel Tudor, Drew Kampion, Rochelle Ballard, Nat Young, Corky Carrol, Chris Ahrens, Aamion Goodwin & Daize Shayne, Rob Machado, Greg Escalante, Jamie Brisick, Pat O’Connell, Mary Osbourne, Ithaka Darin Pappas, Joey Cabell, Craig Peterson and Kevin Naughton, Cody Graham, Herbie Fletcher, Peter Mel, Gordon McClelland, David Pu'u.

NOTE: Every Surf Story book is signed by Robb Havassy and shipped directly from him to you.  If you'd like Jay to sign it too for a small additional fee, the book will be shipped to Jay first and then shipped to you.

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